About us

AccessiblEurope Tourism For All LogoAccessiblEurope born in 1995 when we entered the field of accessible tourism.

Our interest was born by chance and not, as almost always happens in this particular sector of the grand tourism universe, because the person who is dealing with has a deficit of mobility or have a relative or a dear friend with reduced mobility.

In January of 1997 AccessiblEurope was the only Italian tourist organisation to participate in the 1st World Congress organized by SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality) in Miami Beach, Florida.

Since then, AccessiblEurope as a member of SATH, for several SATH Logoyears the only Italian member, has participated in most of the congresses that were held alternately in Miami Beach or Ft. Lauderdale.

The SATH congresses were key moments to know and be known in this small world of specialized tour operators and become part of a worldwide network that offers disabled tourists services at the maximum accessibility level existing in each Country.

From several years the SATH reduced its activities, the last congress was held in 2011 on a cruise ship; but the “community” of travel professionals born nearly 20 years ago is still working to make possible for all accessible travels and holidays.

Sometimes the prices are higher than the price you would pay for a tourist without special needs but not because tourist services for disabled tourists cost more: an accessible room costs like a standard room according the hotels category.
Vatican: Inside Vatican MuseumsBut what affects the cost is that tourists with special needs must include in their packages services that tourists without these needs can manage directly: for example an accessible van available for private transfer from the airport to the city instead of a transfer by public but not accessible shuttle for few Euro.

However, this is our job and we do it with passion and dedication, always looking for new destinations and more accessible services.
A job made by especially “tailored” tours and evolving.
New services and new entrants born almost every week, sometimes promising a perfect accessibility, but a “perfect accessibility” does not exist and the best we can guarantee is to be honest with you, tell you what really you can expect and do our best to serve the trip more accessible, consistent with the reality of each Country.

Happy Travels for All