Africa: Accessible Countries: Tourist services & Information

Stays affordable and accessible transportation to Marrakech and also in Casablanca
(Especially for shore excursions).
Poor accessibility of the ancient parts of the city (medina)

Hotel accessible and carry in Cairo, Luxor.
Cruise ship with a couple of accessible cabins on the river Nile from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa.
Accessible resort on the Red Sea but locally there are not accessible transports then the
stay is only possible for those who use a manual folding wheelchair.
Shore excursions accessible from Alexandria and Port Said (2 days and 1 night in Cairo).
Poor accessibility of archaeological sites.

Limited accessibility to stay in Malindi.
Transports with van with ramp.
Some safari available but with accommodation of limited accessibility

Limited accessibility vehicles equipped with ramps.
Hotels and lodges with decent accessibility
Possible tour of Namibia for people with good residual mobility.

South Africa:
Good accessibility, accessible hotels in towns: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port
Elizabeth, and accessible lodges in the park.
Accessible Kruger N.P. tour with accessible truck available available, with lift, organizable both on private basis or as a participant in a trip with scheduled monthly departure.
Extension possible with stays in Cape Town and tour to Port Elizabeth.