America: Accessible Countries: Tourist services & Information

Canada & USA:
Thanks to the application of rules which formed the model for all similar legislation,
the US has implemented in recent decades the accessibility of all public buildings,
transport, etc.
Both the US and Canada are barrier-free hotel and rooms for the disabled with roll-in
shower, accessible transport is pubbliici that hired with driver or without driver,
trains accessible, monuments and snouts accessible and so almost ogn the tourist
attraction, national parks, etc.
Two easy destinations for wheelchair users.
There are also for hire, in some areas of the USA, accessible motorhomes and cars with hand controls.
Accessible tour of the US, largely in California and the National Parks of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Utah ask us for a tailored quote.

The third largest North American nation and the northern most of the Latin American
nations it’s only partially accessible.
The Yucatan peninsula, Can Cun hotels and resorts offer accessible accomodations, accessible transports, with the possibility of daily excursions  to visit the Mayan archaeological sites of the peninsula where, however, accessibility is limited.

Central America:
The situations are most advanced in Guatemala and in CostaRica but countries are for
people with good residual mobility, who use manual wheelchairs, folding and can move to
a seat.
In general, the attractions have not been made particularly accessible.

South America:
In Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina are available at various levels accessible
tourist services.
Hotels with rooms accessibiloi, transport at various levels of accessibility.
In general they are destinations for people using wheelchairs manuals.
But there are specialized local operators, our partners which can optimize the
accessibility available in their country.