Asian Countries with good accessibility (Group A)

With levels of accessibility and offer similar services to the most accessible European
countries; including even some departures of accessible travel in groups and specific

Affordable hotels in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya …
Thai Accessible Villa Van with liftTraports by van with hydraulic platform or ramp to Thai Accessible Villa Bedroom with hoistBangkok, Phuket
Possibility of tour of Thailand accessible 8 days including Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chaing
Mai, Chaing Rai, …
Villas with accessible pool (by hoist), rooms with beds and electric hoist, accessible bathroom with roll in shower, in a seaside small town at apprx. 4 hours from Bangkok, TH_acc_van1personal assistance possible upon request, accessible van rented with a driver.Thai Accessible Villa Pool with hoist
Dialysis centers  at western levels for seaside holidays for people in dialisys.
Rental aids, personal care and nursing.
Shore excursions accessible cruise ships

Bali (Indonesia):
Ville accessible, affordable hotel, transportation available, car aids, personal care
and nursing.

sing_accVan_01Hotel affordable, accessible transport to hire for more days tours in Malaysia.
Shore excursions accessible cruise ships
Aids hire.

Accessible hotels, multi-day tours with accessible vehicles with driver and guide and tour
of Malaysia.

Hong Kong:
Accessible hotels, accessible vehicles with driver, also for tours of several days in mainland China.
Accessible shore excursions from cruise ships

Acceptable level of accessibility, accessible hotel (Western style), accessible transport
available, High Speed ​​trains accessible.
Aids hire.

India (In fact to consider in group B than in group A):
Poor accessibility, in Delhi and Mumbai rare accessible transport.
Hotel chains internzionali with rare-accessible rooms.
Possibility of personal and nursing care.