Asian Countries with low accessibility (Group B)

Group B) They are part of countries such as:
Limited acccessibily in Amman and Petra.
Transport machines so only for manual wheelchairs, folding.

China_Xian_TerracottaWarriorsIn major Chinese cities there are a few rooms available for disabled people, in western hotel chains.
The transport takes place all with normal cars so the wheelchair must be manual, foldable and the disabled person must be able to move to a seat.
Possibility of personal and nursing care.
Many attractions including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, … have been made accessible in part or in some points.

There are some hotels with rooms accessible to Western level; where there are no
accessible rooms we use bathrooms normal but spacious, with drainage on the floor, Asia_Vietnam_van_accessible_by_vanshowers with long hoses and plastic chairs.
Transport by stadard cars (manual chairs and folding assisted transfer of the seat) or by vans with ramps collapsible aluminum but on board the van the recovered space to the wheelchair is poor and there are not tie-down systems.
Asia Vietnam Accessible Toilette & ShowerMost of the attractions presents barriers to which the staff with the ramps used for the vehicles arrange ramps.
The boats that sail the famous Ha Long Bay have not accessible cabins but there is a boat, one of the largest, which a lift and this makes it at least possible to move fromm deck to deck.
Possibility of personal and nursing care.
Accessible shore excursions from the major ports in Vietnam

Accessibility very poor. We do not know hotels with accessible rooms but there always newCambodia Angkor Temple hotels are constrict new hotels and therefore may well be hotels owned by Western chains with 1 or 2 rooms for the disabled.
Transportation by cars with foldable manual wheelchairs.
Personal assistance.
Some attractions have been partly made accessible.

Travels are possible by a Western tour operator for people with good residual mobility Mongolia Yurtaand manual folding wheelchair.
They must agree to be liftted by the staff  on SUVs.
Accommodation in accessible rooms accessible in Ulaan Batar and in yurts (traditional tents) during the tour.
Accessibility is low.