Belgium, The Netherlands,Denmark: Accessible Tourist services & Information

Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark:
Amstrdam is among the most fascinating cities in Europe with its ancient houses of
brick and stone and with channels that run through creating a magical landscape.
The country, IPaesi Netherlands, is completely flat and therefore the most accessible
European nations.

Besides Amsterdam they are interesting the Deen Haag, and towns such as Delft, Marken,
Volendam, … that you can visit with excursions as the day from Amsterdam.
Holland are available all the services that are found everywhere in Europe: Hotel
accessible rooms suitable for customers who use wheelchairs, accessible van rental with
and without driver auista, speaking guides every language and there are also tours
available along Amstrdam the city’s canals.

In Belgium, in Brussels over the country’s capital and capital of Europe are beautiful
Flemish cities of Ghent and Brugge.
Also you exist in Belgium accessible hotels, accessible transport and guides speaking
many languages.

Copenhagen, the southernmost of the Scandinavian cities retains an old world charm in
the central part crossed by more grease and perfectly accessible, pedestrian area in
Europe, the Stroget overlooked by old houses and palaces.
The city, capital of the rich Kingdom of Denmark, ‘a city very accessible and barrier
free hotel offers rooms with perdisabili, with vanaccessibili transport, guides in many
It can be the starting point for a tour of Scandinavia connected as is, to Norway, to
fast ferry with accessible cabins.