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The “Old Continent” and also the most accessible as a whole.
Many countries, some vast, other tiny, in general well-connected to each other, with a
level of accessibility quite similar between them and quite high.
That, in most part, for several years constitute a single area in which to travel
without having to show, in each border, the passport: the European Community and the
countries that have signed the Schengen Treaty.

  1. ItalyItaly Florence Palazzo Vecchio
  2. France
  3. Spain & Portugal
  4. United Kingdom & Ireland
  5. Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark
  6. Scandinavia
  7. Mittel Europe: Germany,…
  8. Mediterranean Countries
  9. Other European Countries

The largest continent stretching from almost the Tropic of Capricorn to the Arctic
Circle and many meridians from Turkey to Japan.
A continent that goes from the most advanced technology to the people who still live
cultures without writing.
Asia: Thailand Krabi from the skyAs it is easy to understand the accessibility ranges from levels identical to those of the most accessible Western countries to levels where accessibility was not even taken into
consideration because it really feels like as a requirement of the population.
AccessiblEurope and its associated AccessibleAsia offer you the best chance in some of
the countries that offer a minimum level of accessibility.

It’s possible to divide the Asian countries into 3 groups, with reference to unimpeded
A) Countries where accessibility is to Western levels, and we can accommodate tourists
using a wheelchair with batteries
B) Countries with low level of accessibility in which we can accommodate tourists
using manual foldable wheelchairs, and who can move to a car seat (with help).
C) Countries on which we do not have adequate information or who have levels of
accessibility lower than our lower standards

Africa:Africa Namibia desert
The real “old Continent” where came the mankind had populated the Earth.
By far the continent where accessibility is more neglected, with very few exceptions.

Accessible Africa Countries

The “New World” discovered by Westerners in the late 1400s, is after Europe the most accessible Continent.

America accessible Countries

Mainly we talk about Australia and New Zealand.
Both countries have high levels of accessibility in hotels and transportation.
Are hired means accessible with or without driver and also some motorhome accessible.
Tourist attractions are mostly accessible.
The problem of these destinations for travelers Europeans and Americans is represented
mainly by the many flight hours to reach them.
But if any have many Australians and New Zealanders are disabled travelers in Europe
and in America we think we can not say that ‘an impossible task.

Over the last 10 years cruises have evolved into one of the habitats most tuiristici
favorfevoli travelers copn reduced mobility.
Cruise ships are getting bigger with a greater number of accessible cabins, which are
now accessib ili pratoicamente as a regular hotel rooms.
Moreover all the spaces on board these ships are accessible, the bridges are connected
by large and numerous elevators, the cost per person and ‘less than an overland journey
cambianto hotel every day.
Also in some cases there are also cruises that provide dialysis services for passengers
who need this therapy regularly.
Problems arise when the shore excursions that are almost always organized by the ship
using large buses NOT accessible.
AccerssiblEurope, which has been for nearly 10 years the official supplier of shore
excursions available from Italian ports for two cruise lines and British ‘can arrange
shore excursions available for small groups of 2 to 6 pax (including up to 3
wheelchairs ) or even for larger groups.
Contact us and tell us the port, the exact date, the start time and the end of the tour
and wishes and we will have a quotation.