France: Accessible tourist services & information

Our second most popular European destination, sometimes combined with all ‘Italy in a
tour of several countries.

France: Paris Tour EiffelIn France, the main goal is certainly Paris, the beautiful “City of Lights” of the 19th century, is home to some of the richest and most famous museums in the world (The Louvre, the Orsay Museum, …) and monuments that recall its glorious past of the capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of Europe and then the cradle of
revolutions that between late 1700 and all ‘beginning of 1900 changed the face of the Old Continent.

Paris offers travelers an amazing variety of attractions: the ancient buildings and museums, cathedrals and churches, the Tour Eiffell, parks, EuroDisney, …
certainly too many for a single trip to Paris and after many trravels to Paris you always will get something new, something  that you have not seen.

The city is built almost entirely flat and is therefore very accessible, most of the
attractions are accessible by wheelchair, …
Public transport, that for people without mobility deficits are perfect, they are not
for those who use a wheelchair: the wide network of the subway is not very accessibleFrance Paris Palace
(For more info please check:, the taxis are usually normal cars.
There are few taxis wheelchair accessible but must be booked well in advance.
The bateaux mouche on the Seine are accessible but they are tourist cruises, not of regular lines, with stops as the “vaporetto”in Venice.

Even many hotel accommodations have a problem: many disabled rooms are equipped with bathtubs with handles various (sometimes even branches) instead of the much more
accessible roll-in shower.
This problem, which stems from an old law on the characteristics of hotels, is present
throughout France.

As for the tour in France the best way for people with disabilities are the high-speed
trains, the famous TGV fast trains were the first in the world of contemporary
“Shinkansen” Japanese. The TGV connects almost the entire country and connects
sopratturro Paris and the North with the South, Provence, Cote d’Azur, Nice, Monte
Carlo, St. Tropez and the beautiful resorts of southern France.

In France we can offer stays in Paris, tour of Normandy with a visit to the beaches of
the Normandy from where in 1945 began the end of World War II in Europe, tour of the
Loire Valley with its beautiful gardens and accessible, beautiful and rich land of
Brittany popular traditions and delicious cuisine.
Tour of the Champagne region, the great wines of Burgundy, the Alps and the Pyrenees.
For those who enjoy a more relaxed tourism in the South are possible multi-day tours
along the canals in house boats available.
France are available all types of services available from the accessible hotel
to the accessible van rental with or without driver.