Germany, Hungary, Czech Rep., Austria, Switzerland: Accessible Tourist services & Information

In Germany it is available the full range of services: accessible hotels, transport
with vanaccessibile with autiosta, rental van neighboring units without driver, booking
and ticketing of seats in train with assistance in origin and destination, excursions
from cruise ships from ports Baltic as Warnemunde, …

Germany offers tourists both large cities such as Berlin (the reborn German capital),
Hamburg (Formerly important Hanseatic city), Frankfurt a major European economic
centers, home to countless fairs, Monaco (capital dellàantico kingdom of Bavaria and
seat of the ‘Oktoberfest ), which scenic areas like the Rhine Valley (the boats that
travel can be accessed are the traits for daytime not have accessible cabins), the
Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps, and other towns of historical and architectural
interest: Aachen, Augusta, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Dresden, …
A journey that the capillary and, usually free, German motorway network can make it
easier with a rented van accessible and affordable hotels that AccessiblEurope book you
want anywhere.

A vast country whose capital Budapest is rich in monuments and is located on
the banks of one of the major European rivers, the Danube (The river vessels that cross
it with multi-day cruises are not yet equipped with accessible cabins).
A Budapest include affordable hotels, transport with vanaccessibili and guides in many

Czech Republic:
Prague, the beautiful and rich in history, capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the
major European cities of art with nothing to envy to the most beautiful CIIA Italian,
German, …
AccessiblEurope offers hotel stays accessible in the city center, very attractive
prices, with transport accessible van and guide services in many languages.

Austria accesisbile A tour will include eight days in Vienna, Salzburg,
Innsbruch, Graz and will be free to make a full tour of this country and that ‘was
until recently more than a century ago, one of the largest empires in Europe .
In every city Austrian available hotel accessible and affordable transport with van and
driver are available in major cities and also rented for multi-day tours.

It is not part of the European Union but which accepts the Schengen visa can be, with its alpine landscapes, its lakes and its cities, rich in history and art.
Cities like Luzern and Bern retain an old world charm while Zurich combines its past with its present  of financial European center .
In Switzerland the usual facilities are available: accessible hotels, accessible van
rentals with or without driver, car with hand controls, boats available for day sailing
on the various lakes, cable cars accessible to reach the most famous alpine peaks,
guides in many languages,…