Scandinavia: Accessible Tourist services & Information

Scandinavia, the far north of Europe, the land of the sage, the trolls and legends, …
Those who are attracted by its pristine natural beauty, forests, fjords, the villages
of multicolored houses overlooking seas sometimes hostile …

The territory covering is immense and open to a large extent are in the summer months
when the hours of daylight are also many all 24 over the Arctic Circle.

The vast distances and the cost of living make traveling in Scandinavia rather
But then the main Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland are very
accessible with barrier-free hotel, transportation by van and taxi accessible, usually
English speaking guides (other languages ​​are also available if you book very early).

The most meridonale Scandinavia that includes three capitals (Oslo, Stockholm and
Helsinki) is the most accessible and is a classic tour of Northern Europe with 10.8
days of visits and stays of 3 capital and possible excursions.

For trips further deepen the knowledge of the three countries need to spend more time
on each and can be addressed by following different paths.
In Norway, for example, you’ll want to include Bergen (the main Hanseatic city of
Norway), Tromso, and the Great North over the Arctic Circle coming up to North Cape
extreme offshoot of Europe.
Ideally, the coastal sailing on the ships of the Hurtigruten, the Post of the Fjords,
Bergen leave every day for the last port at the Russian border.
Ships have some accessible cabins, stop at many ports and in some you can make
excursions as (that AccessiblEurope arrange privately for you means accessible) in
addition to visiting the most charming places like the Troll Fjord, the islands
Lofooten, Honnisvag and North Cape .
For more details on dates and rates consult us well in advance, even one year before.

In Sweden you can visit the area of ​​the great lagi like Maalaren and other Swedish

In Finland, which can be reached by ferry from Stockholm (with accessible cabins) are
possible excursions to the North Lake Area and beyond, to the Arctic Circle in Finnish
Lapland and Arico.

As for the Baltic states: Littuania, Latvia, Estonia, the situation is still quite
difficult and only Estonia begins to have affordable services suited to the European

St. Petersburg (Russia), usually achieved only during the cruises that will remain for
two days, one night.
We organize excursions for both two days, with van accessible and guides in every
The program includes a visit to St. Petersburg that usually also includes the famous
Hermitage Museum, Fotezza of St. Peter and Paul, the Church of the Holy Blood, …
The second day after exploring the surroundings of St. Petersburg to visit one of the
summer palaces of Tzars.
The Russian operator is also involved in obtaining the permit for tourists without a
visa Russian.