Services: Guides,…

Guides, hostess, tourleaders, nurses:
Guides: Visits and guided tours, in the travelr’s language, are an essential part of the interest of the journey.
The guides, especially in Western countries, are professionals, most of the time and graduate with a license issued by the authority that is delegated to do so locally.
They are the only professionals can help explain within monuments, museums, palaces and other tourist attractions.
Anyone else performs the activity of providing explanations without having the license held illegally.
The guides, however, generally do not have special training with regard to the needs of disabled people.
AccessiblEurope try to use, whenever possible, guides who previously accompanied its customers so that they have experience and know the best routes to enjoy a barrier free visit.

Hostess: People speaking the language of clients and dealing, in general, welcome and reception services customer on arrival at airports for example.
AccessiblEurope uses them usually in Venice where the particular Venice reality recommends to use an escort at customers’ arrival at Marco Polo Airport.

Companions: We are often asked, by travelers with disabilities who do not travel with family or friends, to provide a travel companion to accompany them on the tour and provide assistance, in some cases even personal.
AccessiblEurope do not have staff trained to carry out this task and may not suggest people who, without having any specific training certified, proposing themselves for to travel with our customers.
In case of an accident or punishable behavior, AccessiblEurope would be responsible for providing this service.
So we apologize but we can not provide travel companions.

Nursing: It is different if we are required the services of a paramedic or a nurse for specific performance of personal assistance.
In this case we can provide the services of certified personnel by companies operating in the area of the personal assistance.