Services: Tours in an escorted group

Travelling in a group together:
AccessiblEurope organizes tours and travels on private basis according the dates and the itinerary that is requested by its custoemrs.
AccessiblEurope has no departures in groups accompanied in fixed dates.

For those travelers who like to travel in a group, there are some possible solutions:

5.1) Travels in small groups by an Italian non-profit organization.
It is for couples travel (disabled person and caretaker) following a schedule of dates and destinations published annually.
If the disabled person does not have a companion association will endeavor to procure.
The cost of the tour, even for the companion is charged to the disabled person.
Usually the language is Italianbut some English could be spoken.

5.2) Travels to foreign countries with departures on scheduled dates, generally with a guide / escort English speaking.
There are available both in European Countries: Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia,… and in non-European countries such as South Africa.
The traveler interested should independently reach the travel starting point, which is located in the Country where the tour takes place.

Escorted European Tours – In English and in German – 2016 Schedule

5.3) Travels organized by foreigners operators for their clients.
It’s possible to subscribe and participate in.
The language of the tour will be the country’s organization.
Currently we market the travel of a French organization, in French.
The traveler interested should independently reach the departure city tour or in some cases the departing city in the Country where the tour’ll be.