Spain & Portugal: Accessible Tourist services & Information

Spain and Portugal:
The Iberian Peninsula is home to two fascinating countries: Spain and Portugal.

In Spain, the main destinations are Barcelona and the capital Madrid, but also the
beautiful Andalusia, a region where Western culture is rooted in Christianity mixes
with the Arab culture, Muslim creating the native culture “moresca” who left beautiful
buildings and monuments in towns.Accessible Beach with Beach Wheelchair

The contrast between the ancient, medieval, and modern, is present in almost all of Spain.
In Spain they are available all the services: the hotel accessible and affordable to the resort with pools available for stays ballneari apartments affordable, accessible transport with high-speed trains, rental of accessible van with driver and without driver.
Spain Accessible Pool HoistIn addition to mainland Spain there are very accessible and good facilities in the Atlantic arcipelago of the Canaries Islands, and mainly in the wider island of Tenerife.

Portugal is not very accessible in general, if the city were often unevenness due to a
very rugged territory.
The country combines the charm of its century capital Lisbon (available on the central area and the waterfront), the attractions of the North with Porto, Coimbra (not very accessible because partly built on a hill). Accessible Van Rentable Without Driver
South of Lisbon where the Atlantic Ocean enters the Mediterranean is a region with the highest concentration of facilities and services available: the “Algarve”.
Region with seascapes of great beauty and charming towns, has been chosen by many British citizens to spend their retirement years, then home to many villas and residences available in addition to public transport services.