United Kingdom & Ireland: Accessible Tourist services & Information

Great Britain and Ireland:
London, one of the most fascinating and interesting European cities, with some of theUnited Kingdom London BigBen
most interesting museums, buildings related to its past and its present capital of the most famous United Kingdom, the Kingdom par excellence, the UK linking England, Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland under un’unioca crown.

London is a city with a very extensive network of urban rail links, the first underground World with over 20 lines.
Unfortunately not many of the stations of the London Underground are available (For more information check the website: www.transportforall.org.uk) in a wheelchair.
UK: London BridgeBut are accessible many of the countless and renowned ‘cabs’ (taxis) circulating for London and also in most of the Britain towns.
Allow access on board in a wheelchair size nromali and 1 or 2 people sitting on the seats.
Rates are not esorbitantie can be an alternative not too expensive to bus public service that largely are accessible but often crowded.

For travel to the UK are available accessible van with driver and also van accessibili hired without a driver (but you ricordatre that in Great Britain and Ireland traffic goes to the left).

In the UK are bookable accessible travel in small groups with accmpagnatore / guide in
English, starting at specific dates during the summer from June to September and tours
of one week, accessible by bus.
The programs are typically:
Tour of England
Tour of Scotland
Tour of Ireland
And other destinations that are updated every year.
For schedules please contact us.

In addition to these trips as a group on a fixed date are possible private tour
anywhere, any time, with any program, in Britain, Scotland and Ireland with driver /
guide speaking English or with guides in every language available.
Possibility of summer language courses for students using wheelchairs accessible
accommodation in accessible facilities.